New Era Elements Tarot Deck Review

I’m very excited to share with you a new Tarot Deck that I’ve just added to my collection. It is called the New Era Elements Tarot Deck by Eleonore Pieper Published by U.S.Games Systems Inc. It is unlike any deck I own because of its monochromatic color scheme and unique artwork. 78 card deck.


  • Amazing cardstock quality
  • Easy to grip and shuffle
  • Unique artwork
  • sturdy box
  • nice tarot meanings booklet
  • inexpensive
  • easy to find and purchase(I’ve seen it on amazon


  • Confusing card titles
  • Rider Waite/Thoth combo ( My brain can’t seem to wrap its head around Thoth decks lol)
  • Suit names changed (cups, swords,wands,pentacles – water, air,fire,earth)

Oveall, I’m glad to have added this tarot deck to my collection because it is so different from the other decks that I own. I was able to do one personal reading with it, using the tarot spread recommended in the book. The reading came out extremely accurate so I can’t wait to really bond with this deck and see all the advice it has to offer.

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