Moonchild Tarot Deck

Three sisters stand beneath the vibrant form of Saturn, a planet that is associated with limitation and restriction.  Here, they appear as equal in their stance, but beneath the surface of their hearts, they hide their hopes and dreams.  Their energies are filled with competition and opposition with one another.

“The biggest competition is myself. I am not looking to follow others or pull them down. I’m planning to test my own boundaries”.


The Five of Wands comes with a message of competition. Sometimes when you’re excited about a project, you have all these different ideas floating around in your head about what you plan to do. Then you start trying to do them al at the same time. When your ideas and plans are in competition with each other, it’s hard to dedicate your time and energy to each idea at the same time. 🌌

Perhaps the five of wands is telling you to pick one key idea/task and focus on that for awhile. When you feel you have given that idea adequate attention, then it’s time to move forward on implementing your 2nd idea, etc. When you try to go off in too many directions at once, each of those directions is competing your time and brain space. Then what happens is, the project you were so excited about starting in the first place, becomes a drain on your energy and you lose that initial motivation. 🌌

In order to keep the spark of motivation alive when starting a project, simply pay attention to one aspect of that project at a time and eventually, all of your genius ideas will come to fruition.

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