There is no better way to relax after a long day, than to indulge in a soothing Aromatherapy spa foot soak that smells like comforting Lavender tea. This foot soak is like having a spa treatment at home. It gently loosens dead skin, cleanses and soothes tired achey muscles. The Home grown organic dried lavender and chamomile cause your body to release stress and your mind to relax.

This foot soak bath salt has all natural ingredients that symbolize love.

🌸100% lavender and lemon essential oils

🌸 homegrown organic dried herbs-lavender & chamomile

🌸 pink himalayan and sea salt

🌸 extra virgin olive oil & baking soda for their soothing properties

Simply add 2 tbsp of this relaxing ritual foot soak to 1/2 a bathtub full of warm water. Swirl the salt until most of it dissolves. Soak your feet and enjoy the natural soothing properties of the all- natural herbs and oils. This can also be used in a full bath as a bath salt. Feel your whole body release all of the stress and tension of your day.


🌸 1 bottle of Relaxing Foot Soak Ritual that contains enough bath salt for 4 foot soaks- when using the recommended amount.
🌸 1 silver plated crescent moon charm that symbolizes nighttime rest and relaxation

**This bath product is for adult use only. Keep away from children.

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