“I wish to use the tarot as a tool to connect with people intuitively and to uncover the hidden knowledge that exists in all of our subconscious minds”.

~ Raven ~ Intuitive Tarot Reader

My Story

I started my tarot journey 30 years ago when I received my first deck as a gift from my mother. I have since added many many more tarot decks to my collection to give myself the divination tools needed to answer any question in depth. I love using the tarot to give people advice on the best way to handle their current situation. Helping people has always been my goal and the reason I read for the public.

I currently am a Verified Reader on several Reddit boards; r/Clairvoyantservices , r/Professionaltarot , r/Psychicservices, r/Clairvoyantreadings, r/PsychicReaders. I also am an active member on r/Occultmarket. I can’t wait to help you with your situation.



I offer several different types of affordable Tarot Readings starting at $22.22.

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  1. Wow, just as her description states, very intuitive! I chose the strategy reading and boy was she spot on. I was blown away by the appropriateness of each card in relation to my specific question. Now I know exactly how and what I need to do to achieve the desired result of my question. I definitely recommend a reading with the Expressive Tarot Reader!


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