Pick a card tarot reading video

Hello beautiful souls!! I hope these messages from your spirit guides bring you the advice you need to be successful in life.😇❤💫💕


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⏳Timestamps ⏳

Pile Selection & Intro: 0:00

Pile 1 (Shell) 1:54

Pile 2 (Feather) 18:27

Pile 3 ( Bone) 32:56

Pile 4 ( Candle) 47:38

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Disclaimer: you are absolutely not required to donate anything ever!! These general readings are free.However, if the reading touched you and you want to leave a tip I’m keeping that option open 🤗 I am grateful for anything but please never feel obligated to tip!!

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I currently offer tarot readings. You get a multi-page tarot reading report answering your question. I email it to you in a pdf format.

➡️ You can only order a reading through my website expressivetarot.com

🛑 I never offer personal readings through Instagram DM

🌼Decks Used🌼:

Arcanum Tarot
Surrender Oracle
Messages from the Faeries Oracle
Linestrider Tarot

❤About Me❤

Raven, 41

Taurus 🌞 Aries 🌛 Leo ⬆️

Disclaimer: This is a general reading meant for fun and is for entertainment purposes only. You have free will and the ability to make your own decisions. ❤

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