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Pick a Card Message from your spirit guides

Hello beautiful souls!! I hope these messages from your spirit guides bring you the advice you need to be successful in life.😇❤💫💕 🛑🛑BEWARE OF SCAMMERS IMPERSONATING ME ON INSTAGRAM🛑🛑 💕Follow Me💕: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/expressivetarot/ Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTd5sFA4E/ ⏳Timestamps ⏳ Pile Selection & Intro: 0:00 Pile 1 (Shell) 1:54 Pile 2 (Feather) 18:27 Pile 3 ( Bone) 32:56 Pile 4 ( Candle) 47:38 💸Leave me a tip … Read More Pick a Card Message from your spirit guides


❤Valentines Day Special❤ $15 4 card tarot reading

Valentines Day Tarot Reading special. Order a love tarot reader from a reader with 28 years experience. Only $15 for a 4 card reading.

8 card tarot reading video

Please enjoy this free 8 card tarot reading video.

Pick a Card Tarot Reading

Please enjoy this pick a card tarot video . Discover what message the Univer has for you today. Gain insight and advice on your life.

Awakened Soul Oracle Review

please enjoy this oracle deck review. The awakened soul oracle.

Ask Angels Oracle Cards Review

Enjoy an oracle deck review of Ask Angels oracle cards. Enjoy a full flipthrough of each card.

Tarot of HAUNTED House Flipthrough and Review

Please enjoy this flipthrough and review of tarot of haunted house tarot deck. It’s filled with spooky tarot cards that are sure to get you in the mood for this october Halloween Samhain season of the witch


Home Cleansing New Moon Ritual

Please enjoy this New Moon Ritual. Use this Moon spell to remove negative energy from your home and spiritually cleanse your space.

Prisma Visions Tarot

Enjoy this flipthrough and review of a very artistic tarot deck, prisma visions tarot. These beautiful tarot cards would make a beautiful addition to any tarot card collection

The Fountain Tarot flipthrough & Review

please enjoy this flip through and review of The Fountain Tarot Deck.

New Moon Pick a Card Tarot Reading

please enjoy this pick a card tarot reading.

The Slow Tarot

Please enjoy this quick full Flip through of the slow tarot deck by Lacey bryant. This tarot review youtube video is great to watch if you’re thinking about buying the slow tarot deck.

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