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Pick a Card Free Tarot Reading

Pick your cards, free tarot reading If anyone out there is struggling with a decision, then struggle no more. Pick the cards that resonate with you and they will give you advice on what is needed to best make your decision. Simply pick which tarot deck calls to you. When I read that tarot reading, you know it was meant for you. Enjoy! tarot … Read More Pick a Card Free Tarot Reading



“I wish to use the tarot as a tool to connect with people intuitively and to uncover the hidden knowledge that exists in everyone’s subconscious minds”. I started my tarot journey 27 years ago when I received my first deck as a gift from my mom as a child. I fell in love with that Hansen Roberts Tarot deck because of the bright happy … Read More About



“You never know how strong you are until being strong is all you have” ~unknown The strength card symbolizes your inner strength. You need to trust your inner voice to speak the truth. Strength doesn’t always have to be a strong show of force. It can also be a gentle way of guiding people and situations to get what you want. In the picture … Read More Strength


Trip to Salem, MA

🌌 Salem Mass Haul 🌌I just got back from Salem and am super excited about what I picked up! There were soooooooo many people there enjoying all of the festivities.There was so much energy in such a cute little town. I went to the Circle of Stitches and picked up The Moonchild Tarot because I’ve been searching for a lighter deck. I love the … Read More Trip to Salem, MA

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