🌌 Salem Mass Haul 🌌
I just got back from Salem and am super excited about what I picked up! There were soooooooo many people there enjoying all of the festivities.There was so much energy in such a cute little town.

I went to the Circle of Stitches and picked up The Moonchild Tarot because I’ve been searching for a lighter deck. I love the pastel colors and collage type of artwork.the gold foil sides are an added bonus. Such a beautiful deck. I also bought a candle there that smells amazing.
I went to the Black Cauldron and picked up some pear,cinnamon and clove incense sticks because I’m currently addicted to incense.
I went to Pyramid Books and picked up a wisdom and clarity candle that both came with crystals because it just so happens that I’m addicted to candles too.
I went to The Village Silversmith and picked up a really cool witching ball and a selenite heart pendant that is super cute.
I also went I to Tibet Arts and Healing and picked up some sage because I was running low.Plus, you can never really have too much sage.Am I right?

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