🔮(Pick a Deck) 🔮 Week Preview Tarot Reading ( November 11-17 , 2019)

Enjoy this fun and unique Pick Your Deck tarot reading and let the tarot cards guide you through the week.

This Unique Week Preview Tarot Reading in the woods, will give you an idea of what to expect heading into this week. Pick a deck that resonates with you and the tarot cards will give you advice on what is needed to get through the week. Simply pick a deck that calls to you. When I read that tarot reading, you will know it was meant for you. Enjoy!

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~~Time Stamps~~
Pile 1: Moonchild Tarot, Quartz Crystal : 3:40
Pile 2: Shadowscapes Tarot: Rose Quartz : 7:55
Pile 3 : Sun and Moon Tarot : Blue Lapis :11:10

tarot decks used in this tarot readings video:
shadowscapes tarot deck
the moonchild tarot deck
Sun and Moon tarot deck

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