Moonchild Tarot Deck

Judgment is a negative frequency.

~Stephen Richard

It’s bad enough that we have other people judging us. We also need to watch out for how we judge ourselves. Sometimes we are our own worse critics. We’re critical of our choices, of our mistakes and sometimes we’re even critical of our successes. We second guess ourselves or think we should have done ‘this instead’. The judgement card is a reminder to stop all of the negativity that we introduce into our lives through judgement. We need to trust ourselves and our decisions. Even the bad decisions serve a purpose to teach us. We should practice not being so hard on ourselves and enjoy the process of living and growing.

As far as being judged by others goes, don’t listen to what people say. The truth is, no one is the judge and jury of you and/or your decisions. There is no room in your life for the negativity that negative people bring. Just don’t worry about it. The only person’s opinion of you that matters is yours.

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