New Moon Home Cleansing Ritual

As I prepare for this coming New Moon, I thought I would share my New Moon Home Cleansing Ritual.

Here is what you’ll need:

🌑 Florida Water Floor Wash

🌑 white tea light or chime candle

🌑 black tea light or chime candle

🌑 black salt(salt mixed with ash)

🌑 cascarilla powder(crushed egg shells)

🌑 blessing oil

🌑 rose petals

🌑 black gemstone-such as black tourmaline

🌑 quartz crystal

🌑 sage bundle or palo santo stick

I begin by opening a window to allow the negative energy to be released. Next I dress and prepare the candles. On the white candle I carved the words ‘peace and ‘calm’ because I wish to maintain a peaceful home. Then I place 4 drops of the blessing oil on the white candle and sprinkle on a few rose petals while envisioning a happy and peaceful home. On the black candle, I carve the words ‘cleansing’ and ‘release negativity’ because I wish to remove any stagnant or negative vibes that may be hanging around. Then I place 4 drops of the blessing oil on the black candle and sprinkle on some black salt, as well as casparilla powder, while envisioning the black smoke of negativity leaving my house through the open window. I place the black gemstone next to the black candle to help absorb the negative energy and a quartz crystal near the white candle to aid in peaceful intention.

The next thing I do is light up my sage bundle or palo santo stick and go through each room of the house, while focusing on removing negative energy. Then I put just a little bit of florida water on a rag and dust the surfaces of my bookshelves etc. Then I sweep and mop the floors. In the mop bucket, I add a little bit of my Florida water floor wash and pinesol ( I just love the clean smell of pinesol). As I mop each room, I make sure I end at the front door. When I’m done, I dump the water out the front door and down the steps…not sure why lol . I think it’s a superstition, but also practical. I have a septic tank and don’t want to throw chemicals down there.

To finish everything off, I always pull a tarot card and ask what needs to be let go of for the next moon cycle. This step is optional, but I am obsessed with tarot so ofcourse I have to encorporate them in every one of my rituals.

Earthbound Oracle deck

After all of that hard work, I always end with a cup of tea and relax in my newly cleansed space. It really does feel different after the ritual. I can definitely notice the air seems lighter. Not to mention everything smells so amazing.

So what do you do for the New Moon? Feel free to comment below with any tips or ideas you may have. I love encorporating new things into my routines.



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