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Pick a Card Message from your spirit guides

Hello beautiful souls!! I hope these messages from your spirit guides bring you the advice you need to be successful in life.😇❤💫💕 🛑🛑BEWARE OF SCAMMERS IMPERSONATING ME ON INSTAGRAM🛑🛑 💕Follow Me💕: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/expressivetarot/ Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTd5sFA4E/ ⏳Timestamps ⏳ Pile Selection & Intro: 0:00 Pile 1 (Shell) 1:54 Pile 2 (Feather) 18:27 Pile 3 ( Bone) 32:56 Pile 4 ( Candle) 47:38 💸Leave me a tip … Read More Pick a Card Message from your spirit guides

8 card tarot reading video

Please enjoy this free 8 card tarot reading video.

Awakened Soul Oracle Review

please enjoy this oracle deck review. The awakened soul oracle.

Ask Angels Oracle Cards Review

Enjoy an oracle deck review of Ask Angels oracle cards. Enjoy a full flipthrough of each card.


Home Cleansing New Moon Ritual

Please enjoy this New Moon Ritual. Use this Moon spell to remove negative energy from your home and spiritually cleanse your space.

New Moon Pick a Card Tarot Reading

please enjoy this pick a card tarot reading.

The Wisdom of the Oracle Deck

Please enjoy this quick review and flipthrough of the Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

Magick of You Oracle Deck Quick Flip Through and Review

Please enjoy this Flip through and review of the Magick is in You Oracle deck.

Sacred Rebels Oracle Flip Through

Here is a full flip through of the sacred rebels oracle deck by Alana Fairchild illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison. This is a beautiful 45 card deck that come with a very nice guide book. This deck has been modified by trimming the sides and inking the edges. You can watch the video on how I did it here:

How To Modify A Tarot or Oracle Deck

I bought the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck because I feel in love with the card illustrations. However, when I got them home and held the deck in my hands, they felt too big. It was awkward shuffling them. The borders were making it difficult for me to connect with the cards as well. I knew that I had to modify the deck but was … Read More How To Modify A Tarot or Oracle Deck

How to Make A Drawstring Tarot Card Bag

It’s nice to display your tarot cards in their original boxes all lined up on a bookshelf, but sometimes it’s also nice to make them their own little bag to call home. Here is my 3 minute youtube video showing how to make a quick and easy satin lined drawstring bag for your tarot or oracle cards. All you need is a few materials … Read More How to Make A Drawstring Tarot Card Bag

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