There’s a witch altar in my closet

Let me show you have I’ve transformed my closet into a witch altar. Take a peak and get some altar ideas. Browse my photos of witchy items.Enjoy.

So this all was in my living room but I moved it to my bedroom closet. Why, you ask? Well for several reasons. 1. It feels so cozy in my closet. 2. It’s right near my bed so I can watch my candes burn from the comfort of my own bed. 3. I can keep everything contained and orderly. 4. It’s more private. 5. It’s just plain genius.

Tarot Space

Witch altar located in a closet filled with witcy decor, witch tools, and a lovely witch aesthetic
tarot altar

I am a professional tarot reader (check out my available readings here ) and I needed space to perform my readings. My bedroom is the perfect place to have some peace and quiet. I just pulled an old bookshelf I had stored in my basement .

Book and Tarot Deck Storage

A bookshelf filled with witch books and tarot card decks

It doesn’t look pretty, but it’s practical. I have soooo many tarot decks that I’m going to have to come up with a better way to put them all so they’re easily accessible. But this works for now. 🤔 Maybe I’ll use hanging door storage like I do for my bottles inside the closet doors..

witch bottle storage for all of your witchy treasures like ash, sea salt, acorns, etc
Bottle storage

This is where I keep all of my bottled treasures I have collected in the woods and various places. The hanging storage is amazing because everything is easily accessible but doesn’t take up any closet space.

Altar Space

witch altar in a closet
Altar space

I’ve used an old desk that was my grandmothers and just painted it. Above it on the wall, is a cute little printer’s drawer or something I found at my local antique shop. It’s perfect for my growing crystal collection. Under the desk is where I keep all of the meaning books from my tarot decks. Along with my favorite tarot cards and candle holders.

Apothecary Storage

apothecary herb storage

This is where I store my herbs, incense mixtures, inks, and oil mixtures.

witch altar with witch items and other witchy tools decor.

So as you can see, even if you don’t have alot of space in your home for an altar, you can always find a way. Get creative. Think about where you can carve out a little space for yours, that is away from prying eyes.

witch altar in a closet
Closet Witch Altar

I hope you enjoyed my post on closet altars. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and tiktok for daily tarot and divination fun.



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