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🔮Pick a Stack Tarot Reading🔮 Pick a card pile for your generalized reading for the week. A message to you from the Universe🌌 Welcome Beautiful People! In this week’s Pick a Card Tarot Reading you will be asking the cards what message the Universe has for you this week. Simply pick a stack of cards to find out what you need to know right now with this amazing tarot reading video. Join me in my sacred space as I give you a 5 card tarot reading. It is a timeless message, so if you happen to come across this video at any time, the message was still meant for you to hear.

Tarot Deck Used : the dark mansion tarot

Check out my review of the dark mansion tarothttps://expressivetarot.com/2020/01/15/the-dark-mansion-tarot-unboxing-review-amd-flip-through-2nd-edition/

🕑 Time Stamps🕑 🔮 pick a card 1 : 4.20 🔮 pick a card 2 : 10.30 🔮 pick a card 3 : 16.29 End chat : 23.17 Enjoy!

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