The Slow Tarot Flipthrough and walkthrough

the slow tarot

Please enjoy this super quick flip through and review of all of the 78 beautiful cards of The Slow Tarot Deck by Lacey Bryant. Published by Modern Eden The linen texture of the tarot cards make you truly feel like you are holding 78 pieces of art.

Based on the Rider Waite System, these cards would be good for a beginner. It also includes a simple small book of meanings of the tarot cards. There are so many layers of detail in these tarot cards that they would also be great for an experienced reader. I am so excited to start reading with this tarot deck and am very happy with my purchase. I got them online from the Modern Eden Gallery.

I haven’t been compensated for any of my reviews. I always just give my honest opinion of how I feel about the tarot decks I buy. I have 50 tarot decks in my collection. One by one I’m trying to make super quick flip through videos so people can see if they would like to purchase the decks or not.

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