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Pick a Card Message from your spirit guides

Hello beautiful souls!! I hope these messages from your spirit guides bring you the advice you need to be successful in life.😇❤💫💕 🛑🛑BEWARE OF SCAMMERS IMPERSONATING ME ON INSTAGRAM🛑🛑 💕Follow Me💕: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/expressivetarot/ Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTd5sFA4E/ ⏳Timestamps ⏳ Pile Selection & Intro: 0:00 Pile 1 (Shell) 1:54 Pile 2 (Feather) 18:27 Pile 3 ( Bone) 32:56 Pile 4 ( Candle) 47:38 💸Leave me a tip … Read More Pick a Card Message from your spirit guides

Pick a card #tarot reading video

Pick a Card Tarot Reading💫 A message to you from the Universe🌌 Welcome to this week’s Pick a Card Tarot Reading. Ask the cards what message the Universe has for you this week. Find out what you need to know right now. 🕑 Time Stamps🕑🔮 card 1 : 2.30🔮 card 2 : 6.25🔮 card 3 : 11.00End : 14.15 Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe … Read More Pick a card #tarot reading video

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