Here is a sample of a 3 card tarot reading that you will receive, once ordered.

Date of Reading    :    October 22, 2019

Tarot Deck Used   :    Moonchild Tarot

Oracle Deck Used:    Wisdom of the Oracle

Affirmation Deck   :    Angel            

Tarot Spread         :    Strategy: Desire, Obstacle, Outcome

Dear _______,

Thank you for your reading request on ______.  It is my pleasure to connect with you through the tarot.

The question you asked, “What strategies would be helpful to propel our business for the upcoming year?”

The three card Tarot Spread you are receiving is the STRATEGY: Desire, Obstacle, Outcome spread. This 3 card spread will help you come up with a strategy on how to get what you want in regards to your situation. With this spread, you will receive insights on what you want or your goal/dream, what the challenge/conflict or what is standing in your way and advice on how you can beat that challenge or resolve the conflict in order to move towards your desired outcome by removing the obstacle.Includes a bonus Oracle card and Affirmation Card.

After shuffling the cards until my intuition told me it was time, the three Tarot cards, one Oracle Card and one Affirmation card drawn were as follows:

  1. Your Desire/Goal/what you want and hope for ~ STRENGTH

A young woman sits calmly with a majestic lion – an embodiment of all that is wild and free.  Here, she is unaffected by its presence , for in her grace and strength she has built and nurtured a safe relationship with the lion.  Both demonstrate a strong sense of mastery and peace over their deeper instincts, attuning to a higher frequency of awareness.

The Strength card was drawn in the Desire position of your tarot spread, which means it is what you most desire to be when it comes to your business.  You wish to be strong in the tough world of business.  You want to be able to trust yourself and your ability to be successful at this. You wish to be strong and face your fear of failure. When this card appears in your spread, it means that you are ready to pull from your inner strength and fight to make this business work.  You are ready to face your fears head on. You desire to be strong enough to navigate through any obstacles that may come in your way during this business journey while also maintaining your composure.  You will need pure strength to be mindful how you communicate with your business partners as well as how you communicate with your customers.   The strength card says you are poised and ready to take on this business challenge and you are ready to tame the business beast. 

2. Obstacles that stand in your way of achieving your desire/goal~ Justice 

Under the light of the Moon, the Goddess, Ma-at, stands as a personification of Justice, Truth, and universal balance.  Here, she oversees a labyrinth, with her luminous scales and sword – a sacred activation site which assists our journey.  In this space, she reveals all we have thought, spoken, and created, encouraging us to learn from the greater spiral of life.

The Justice card was drawn in the Obstacle position of your spread, which means it will symbolize what stands in your way of success.When this card appears in your spread, it means that you may be judging your business decisions of the past.  You are afraid of making similar business mistakes with this etsy venture.  In all new businesses, mistakes will be made but that is how we learn from them to grow.  While it is good to gain awareness once you are able to reflect  on the past business choices you have made(both good and bad), you also need to be fair with your heart and trust yourself to make good decisions this time around because of the lessons you learned.

Also, the judgement of this card ,may also refer to other people judging you and your decisions for this business.  Don’t let other people’s thoughts become your obstacle.  Draw from the Strength of the first card in your spread, and don’t let other people’s judgements put a damper on things. Don’t let other people’s judgments slow down your momentum. Other people are not your judge when it comes to your business. Just keep on going, be strong in what you do, trust yourself and all will be well

3. Most Probable Future Outcome ~ Five of Wands

Three sisters stand beneath the vibrant form of Saturn, a planet that is associated with limitation and restriction.  Here, they appear as equal in their stance, but beneath the surface of their hearts, they hide their hopes and dreams.  Their energies are filled with competition and opposition with one another.

The Three of Wand was drawn in the outcome position of your spread which means it will pertain to the near future of your situation.  When this card appears in your spread, it means that there are several different ideas and plans going on at the same time in regards to your business.  There are too many different directions that your business is going in, therefore its hard to just focus on one or two things.  All the different categories and ideas of what to sell and make, are competing for your time. Because of this, not a lot of production is getting done. You are being pulled in several different directions on things to create and focus on for your business. Think about what is the most important thing that you need to make more of for your business and focus on completing that. Then, after you’ve made enough of that one category of merchandise, put your energy towards making something in another category.  This way, all the different ideas that are floating around in your head of things to make, are all competing for your time, energy, and mental space.

In Summary

Summon your inner strength and have confidence in your abilities of making this business a success (Strength). 

Don’t judge yourself too harshly for your early business mistakes of the past, just learn from them to make this new business a success. You now have the experience and knowledge to do so. This is not your first rodeo. You have the knowledge and skills to make this business succeed. Trust yourself and your abilities as a business woman and make it happen. Also, don’t worry about what other people say or think about this store. You are too strong for their judgments(Judgment). 

Take the advice of the (Five of Wands) and don’t let all of your good ideas compete with one another. Pay attention to one idea at a time and eventually, they will all come to fruition.

In addition to your 3 card Tarot Spread, I decided to pull an oracle card from Wisdom of the Oracle Deck to give me the theme of your reading. The card following card was drawn:

Not For You

This card represents the overall message or theme of you Tarot reading: There are times when it appears that no matter how deeply you desire something, no matter how hard you work at something, the result you seek always seems to elude you.It’s as if you don’t really get to be in the game and you feel you’re just watching from the sidelines.The appearance of this card indicates that you are not going to attain what you want right now.  This is the time to accept  that not everything is available o you when you want it. Things take time. Learn from your mistakes and grow and keep going.

I also like the end a reading with an Affirmation card to end on a positive note. I shuffled and pulled a card from the Angels Affirmation deck. ‘Opportunity’

Wondrous opportunities await you.  Stop dwelling on past mistakes.  Surrender the past lovingly: there is nothing to regret.  All is always in perfect and divine order.  Everything that you’ve ever experienced has helped you in some way.  The past is behind you; the path ahead is clear.  Move forward joyfully and fulfill your heart’s desire.

The appearance of this Affirmation card at the end of your tarot reading, confirms the accuracy of the message of the judgement card. Both cards are saying that your past business experiences will help you in this business adventure and you need to pull from the lessons of that business to make this one work. 

2 Comments on “Sample Tarot Reading

  1. Just want to tell you how much I injoyed your pick a card reading. I first notice how calm I felt, your voice and your presence is very special. I will be looking forward to experiencing this Tarot. PS The card I picked was #3 , it made me cry because I have been working very hard on Spiritual matters, and changin my character defect, to have better insight and walk softly on this earth. I feel that God spoke directly to me like a lover parent and told me well done my child. Keep going, it gave me strenght to continue forward to manifest the things I desire. Thank you.

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