Shadowscapes Tarot Full Flip Through

Enjoy this tarot deck flip through of one of my favorite tarot decks.

This 78 card deck comes with a little white book filled with short descriptions for each card.

” Find your inspirations as you leap I to a fantastical world of floating mermaids and dancing fairies with this mystical deck based on the Rider Waite system.”

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore do an excellent job creating a calming deck with relaxing soft colors.The nature based ethereal fairy feel of the illustrations make each tarot card truly special. Each card seems to glow. It’s very easy to tap into your intuition when reading with these cards. Enjoy this shadowscapes tarot deck!

Here is a how-to-video on making a drawstring bag to store and carry your tarot cards:

Here is a how-to video on modifying your tarot cards:

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